Sri Lanka Cabinet discusses ways to normalize situation within one week

Sri Lanka Cabinet discusses ways to normalize the situation within one week

Sri Lanka’s cabinet met with newly elected President Ranil Wickremesinghe for the first time in a week to discuss the country’s economic challenges and review the performance of government institutions such as the prime minister and presidency. His table on Saturday, the media reported. Milli. Az quoted the Daily Mirror as saying that the President had called a meeting on Friday after the formation of the new government.

The paper spent a week discussing the normalization of the country and observing the working of government structures such as the Prime Minister’s Office, the President’s Office, and schools.

Sri Lanka Cabinet

The government has been informed that only one month’s fuel is available, so it needs to be distributed quickly through the quota system.

He said that the security forces respected the Constitution and created a safe environment for the people to live confidently.

The government also discussed the ongoing talks with the International Monetary Fund for financial assistance.

Meanwhile, the opposition has called on Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardene to convene Parliament to discuss the situation in the country and the action of security forces on peaceful protesters in Galle Face on Friday.

Sri Lankan soldiers and police used guns and sticks to disperse anti-government protesters outside the presidential office on Friday.

Police assessed the attack on the main camp of anti-government protesters as a “special operation to seize the office of the President”.

Sri Lanka’s cabinet met with newly elected President

Following the arrest on 9 February, proteste rs marched through the residences of the President and the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, but several rooms were still occupied by the President’s office.

Furthermore, he refused to accept Wickremesinghe as the new president, partly blaming him for the country’s unprecedented economic and political crisis.

The main opposition group banned the president from taking office on May 9 and vowed to continue fighting until Wickremesinghe resigns.

Sri Lanka’s new government has faced criticism for using violence to quell anti-government protests.

The economic crisis triggered by civil unrest has rocked Sri Lanka for months, with many accusing the government of mismanagement of the island’s economy by former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his family.

Last week, protesters torched Wickremesinghe’s building and occupied his office.

Sri Lanka, a country of 22 million people, is in the midst of an economic crisis not seen in seven decades, with millions struggling to buy food, medicine, and fuel. Sri Lanka’s total external debt is $51 billion.

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