Biden slammed for tweet blaming Republicans for economic problems

President Biden said Republicans were obstructing lower prices for gas, food, healthcare, and prescription drugs.

President Joe Biden is reacting to a tweet posted on his Twitter account that faulted Republicans for the country’s monetary issues.

“Conservatives are sitting idle yet deterring our endeavors from getting serious about gas-cost gouging, lower food costs, lower medical services costs, and ideally, soon, bring down your physician recommended drug costs. There’s something off about this. Also, that is why this political race will be so darn significant,” Biden tweeted Sunday.

Biden was met with analysis online for his remarks. Scott Jennings, a CNN supporter and Bush White House former student tweeted, “88% wrong track + 38% work endorsement = great  karma with this BS.”

“Americans realize the TRUTH Big Guy. Nobody is purchasing your attempt at finger-pointing. YOU and Democrats OWN INFLATION. Your arrangements are aggravating it,” tweeted moderate political essayist Kimberly Morin.

Others, for example, creator Matthew Betley, went after the tweet while recognizing it presumably was not sent straight by the president himself. “You are bad and purposefully subverting America… understudy,” he composed.

“Huh? I thought it was Russia’s shortcoming,” kidded Mark Zinno, a live radio personality.

DeSantis representative Christina Pushaw likewise said, “I thought it was the Putin Price Spike.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., tweeted, “Joe Biden accepts that the American public is fooled.”

While running for President, Biden sent out a totally different vibe. “It’s difficult to accept this must be said, yet not at all like this president, I’ll go about my business and assume liability. I won’t fault others. Also, I will always remember that the work isn’t about me — it’s about you,” he tweeted on June fourth, 2020.

Scott Presler, a moderate extremist, hammered Biden for his strategies. “@JoeBiden On day 1, you dropped our pipeline. You terminated laborers with your unlawful, illegal antibody order. We have fewer medical care laborers since you constrained them to pick between their positions and a commanded operation. You gave $54 billion to Ukraine, yet failed to remember the US,” he composed.


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